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Ingot, Bloom, Billet & Slabs Grinding

Ingots, Blooms, Billets and Slabs are generally ground in preparation for further hot working such as Forging or Re-Rolling.

D.A.Cooper & Sons have a range of purposely modified Centro-Maskin Grinders enabling us to match Customer Jobs to the Machine that will produce the very best results in terms of surface finish whilst minimising material losses.

With Highly experienced production team, using a wide range of grinding media and the best machine for the task we are unmatched within the UK in maximising material yield whilst achieving a surface finish second to none. This results in significant cost savings for our customers not just in reduced grinding losses but also in increased yield in follow on processes such as Re-Forging and Re-Rolling.

We process large tonnages of Carbon and  Alloy Materials, we specialise in 3 series Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys and Cupro Nickel Alloys where surface preparation is of the utmost importance. Material Yeild is monitored and records are maintained throughout the process.

Over the years we have built an outstanding reputation for quality and we are the 1st choice of all the major producers of Stainless & Nickel alloys in the UK

To find out more about Ingot, Bloom, Billet & Slabs Grinding, call now on 01709 828517 to speak to one of our highly skilled team, or email


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