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Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting or Blast cleaning is a process we use for the removal of Rust and Scale, Paint, Sand and Refractory from materials prior to inspection and testing or further processing such as Cold Drawing and Pickling. Painting or Galvanizing.

Typical products for us are Billets, Bars and Slabs which are cleaned to aid inspection and dressing purposes.  Which we are also able to offer:
Castings, Forgings Rings and Heat-Treated Bar, often following Hot Working to ensure a good contact surface for Ultrasonic Testing.

Additionally, we regularly Shot-Blast Plates, and Sections RSJs, U/Bs Angles and Channels up to 800mm section and as long as 18 metres in length.
Common products are Heavy sections used in construction and Overhead Crane Bridges, Gantries and Jibs etc.

Naturally, we also offer our Haulage service for the collection and delivery of these products.

To find out more about Shot Blasting, call now on 01709 828517 to speak to one of our highly skilled team, or email


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