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Centreless Bar Turning

Centreless Bar Turning or Peeling as it often referred to is offered on own supplied and on a sub-Contract basis for bar diameters from 35mm to 104mm.

Bar lengths for Centreless Bar Turning can be accommodated up-to 10metres in Length and offered with a standard size tolerance on diameter of +/- 0.002″.

Typically offered to  Steel Stockholders and the Engineering industry, Centreless Bar Turning allows us to efficiently convert Black Bar Stock and/or  re-size redundant stock to a variety of other sizes whilst achieving tight tolerances. This makes Centreless Bar Turning the ideal process for Engineering and CNC machinists providing the opportunity to use on size feed stock and reducing machining ops whilst reducing production time and wastage.

Additionally we offer a highly efficient cut to length process on site or through our local Accredited and Approved Sub-Contractor network we can offer complete turnkey projects.

For bar diameters above 104mm we offer a Centre Lathe Turning facility up to 1000mm in diameter x 12 metres in length.


To find out more about Centreless Bar Turning, call now on 01709 828517 to speak to one of our highly skilled team, or email


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