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Available capacity is 1080mm Section or 1060x1260mm slab section, Maximum lift 20tonnes

14 Saws of various capacities are used for the supply of our own Steel Stock but also on a sub- contract basis for customers own material.

Having a wide range of machines means we have the ability to process one-offs, or using several saws all at the same time  when required to saw batch quantities and/or for multiple customers all with equal priority.

As with all our processes, we pride ourselves on our many years experience and our ability to saw notoriously difficult materials such as Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys and Titanium Alloys etc.

We have fully automatic bandsaws producing multiple cutting to tight length and squareness tolerances, whilst our Centro-Cut 10″ &  20″ Carbide Circular saws are used for serious production cutting of multiple cut to weight/length pieces for the Re-Forging industry.

Identification and Traceability is maintained throughout the process in accordance with our standard approved 9001-2015 procedures 

Typical customers include Large Steel producers, Mills, Forges, Stockholders, Re-Usable merchants and large and small engineering workshops.


To find out more about Sawing, call now on 01709 828517 to speak to one of our highly skilled team, or email


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