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D.A.Cooper & Sons offer a wide range of in-house machining facilities.

Services can be complimented by a range of Quality approved sub-contractors. This enables us to offer our customers a one-stop shop allowing us to produce componants ranging from single or multiple Sawn lengths of Forged or Rolled bar, Forgings or castings right through to the finish machined component.

In many cases this can happen without the material ever leaving the premises and multiple processes can be carried out all at the same time.    With an order requiring Sawing/Turning. Trepanning and Boring, for example,  the first sawn piece may well have completed the last process e.g. Boring, before we have even finished Sawing the last Sawn Piece

Where the process route has to be interrupted by a Heat Treatment and Testing processes, we can arrange this through Quality Approved Sub-Contractors, carry out the delivery and collection process to/from the chosen provider using our own transport facilities and returning the components in minimal time back into the machining process route.

This enables us to have multiple batches at different stages of the process route simultaneously, providing our customers with a highly efficient process route and reducing the overall processing time, meaning delivery from the first off, i.e. the first Sawn piece to the finished component/s is significantly reduced giving our customers that competitive edge in terms of delivery performance and generating that all important invoice in minimal time for the finished goods.



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