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Billet,Bar and Slab Grinding

Billet Sizes range from 75mm dia/sq to 430mm dia/sq x up to 15 Metres length or 20 tonnes in weight

Larger sizes such as Ingots and Blooms can also be ground on our Ingot Grinders – for more information on Ingot & Bloom grinding please visit our page “Ingot & Bloom Grinding” or for smaller sizes or irregular shapes such as Forgings and Castings please visit our pages “Swing Grinding” and “Fettling”

Typical Ground Finish – we don’t do it for 50p/tonne – so don’t ask

Billets Bars and Slabs are ground for surface preparation ie to remove surface defects such as Cracks, Guide Marks and Corner Pulls prior to hot working such as Re-Rolling or Forging. We also Grind Billets, Bars and Slabs for material recovery for the re-usable market, or to Re-Size for our Customers who require this service.

No Quantity too large or small – we take in Sub-Contract grinding from a single billet to cast quantities typically of approx. 100tonne lots.

We use a range of purpose modified Centro-Maskin Grinders and Grinding Media to achieve the very best possible surface finishes whilst minimising Material Yield Loss.

Whilst we process Large Quantities of Carbon Steels and Low Grade Alloys we specialise in Stainless Steels Copper/Nickel and Super Alloys.

Yield is something we take very seriously

Grinding losses on High value materials can become very expensive. We have invested heavily in our Equipment & the Training of our operators to ensure that Grinding losses are kept to an absolute minimum. . Our achievements in minimising losses and Maximising yield results in significant cost savings for our customers. This sets us Head and Shoulders above our Competitors making us your only economical choice for Billet Bar & Ingot Grinding

To find out more about Billet,Bar and Slab Grinding, call now on 01709 828517 to speak to one of our highly skilled team, or email


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